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You can sell this book and
keep all the money.

I'll even take that a step further. You can sell this book and make WAY more than the price of the book. Let me explain:

You can get a version of this book and have it customized with your own personal affiliate link that could earn you $179.00 for every shopping cart system sold and you get that every year the person renews their system. More on this later.

Why would I do this?
Because a book like this is designed to make both of us money. The more of them you sell, the more money both of us make.

Here's how it works: You can get the regular version of this book for only $9.95. Included in this price is the right for you to resell the book and keep all the money (we suggest keeping it at $9.95 or higher). Sell just one off your website and you've made your money back. Sell ten a week and you've just made enough to make the payment on a nice new car. Sell 50 a week and you're earning enough to buy a new house. (The book is inexpensive, yet powerful and in great need so large sales are certainly within reach.) See below to purchase the ebook with resale rights.

You can make a slightly larger investment in a version of the book that will be customized with special affiliate links. These links will credit you for anyone who purchases the KickStartCart shopping cart system as a result of reading your version of the book.

This can add up to big money quickly. When someone invests in their own shopping cart system they normally keep it for a long time. The beauty of this is you get paid every time they renew their system. Some people pay monthly which means a monthly check for you and some people buy yearly which means a big check for you as soon as they purchase. If they buy the KickStartCart Pro system (which most people do because it has the capability to deliver ebooks automatically) you get 30% of the deal. That means if they pay for the entire year, ($599.00) you get $179.70 right away and $179.70 each and every year they keep the system. If they pay monthly at $69.00 per month, you get $20.70 per month.

Your overall income of course, is multiplied by the number of people who sign up. This book, How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes You Money  has convinced over 100 people to buy the cart from me in the two short  years I've been doing this which means a big check every single month even if I quit promoting it today. If you get only 10 in the next six months to sign up because they read your customized version of the book you could be looking at checks ranging from a couple hundred dollars per month to several thousand dollars a year.

You don't even have to work that hard to promote the book. Simply put it in with your other offerings and people looking for help in picking a shopping cart system for their website will jump at the chance to get some inexpensive help.

Your customized version of the ebook will only be $97.00 and you'll get a generic copy immediately so you can become familiar with the great content of the book. You'll receive email instructions on how to get your customized version of the book.

And don't forget, even if people don't buy the shopping cart system, you'll be getting constant cash flow of $9.95 or more for every ebook you sell, so your entire investment will still payback quickly. You don't have to print them or ship them. You can even email them to people if you don't have a shopping cart system yet.

Sell just a few books and you really can't lose. I can assure you though that the KickStartSystem is great and once you and your book purchasers see all the features you will undoubtedly convince people to use KickStartCart which will mean recurring and passive income for you.

Click here to purchase the Ebook with Resale Rights only for $9.95

Click here to purchase the Ebook with Your Customized Affiliate Links for $97.00 (I predict this will be one of the best investments you ever make)


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