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Speaker Introduction
Tom Antion

757-431-1366, 301-346-7403


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Tom Antion is here to talk to us today about selling our products and services on the Internet. Tom is NOT giving a book report. He sells tremendous amounts of products on the web. Today he'll be showing us how he became an Internet multi-millionaire in just a few short years and how you can do it too with very little expense and even less risk.

One of Tomís websites got the highest rating of all the sites in Inc. Magazineís Best-of-the-Web section. Tom will be telling us the exact techniques he used to create that site for only $650.00. This site beat out other sites that cost millions of dollars to create.

Tom publishes Great Speaking Ezine, the largest speaking publication on the Internet with subscribers in more than 80 countries. . . . Tom says most of the people in those other countries canít speak English, so thatís why they like his magazine. HAHAHA .  . .  But before you laugh too hard keep in mind that this free Ezine brings in $70,000.00 - $220,000.00 US per month profit and youíll learn how to do this too.

Tom is the founder of the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center where people come in from all over the world to study with him in his Virginia Beach mansion. A lucky person from todayís audience will be visiting him there for free as one of todayís prizes and you MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN so forget about getting up to go to the bathroom.

Please help me welcome, Tom Antion (Lead enthusiastic applause)

orders@Antion.com, 757-431-1366, Cell 301-346-7403, Fax 757-431-2050