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Suggested Interview Questions
for Tom Antion
757-431-1366, 301-346-7403

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Note: Tom is a very experienced media guest with over 1000 broadcast interviews to his credit. He can craft powerful answers on the fly anywhere in length from 10 seconds to ten minutes.  Also, Tom can give a very brash hard-hitting, controversial interview, or a more calm, informational interview. Just let him know what you want.

QUESTION – Tom, tell us how you got into Internet Marketing

TOM ANTION ANSWERS – If appropriate Tom will increase the size of your audience by making the topic important to parents, grandparents AND small business people.

QUESTION - Tom there are lots of people selling Internet Marketing materials. What makes you different?

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll be talking about how I learned, what I was selling, and who my teachers were and how to watch out for scammers)

QUESTION - What are some of the benefits of using the Internet to market your products and services?

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll discuss 5 or 6 benefits)

QUESTION – You've told me that you aren't very technical. Tell us about the simple method you've devised for Internet Success

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll be talking about my Three Prong Attack)

QUESTION – Websites cost tens of thousands of dollars to develop. How can the typical small business person afford to do it right.

TOM ANTION ANSWERS – (I’ll discuss why this is TOTALLY UNTRUE and I’ll give example after example of people making big money with very cheap websites.

QUESTION - You say that savvy marketers make money "coming and going" What do you mean by that?

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll be talking about converting visitors into buyers and converting people leaving your site into buyers – exit strategies)

QUESTION - You really emphasized another major mistake people make with their websites. It had to do with "Keywords". Tell us about that.

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll discuss methods of finding keywords that apply to your business, why they are important and how to find them and use them in your site.)

QUESTION - Tom, I understand you use a very specific tool that virtually automates your entire operation and, as I understand it, it actually sells more to the same number of visitors to your site.

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll tell them about the shopping cart system)

QUESTION - Tom, you have a method of creating one-page sales letter sites that are very lucrative. Can you give us the highlights of that method?

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll tell about my wedding and eulogy sites that bring in over 100K per year.)

QUESTION - Let's switch gears here and talk about prong two of your method -- database. Why is that so important?

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll discuss email marketing and blogs)

QUESTION - Tom, what if people don't know what they are going to sell? -- I guess we're jumping into Prong three here – product development.

TOM ANTION ANSWERS - (I'll discuss how to use low cost information products to promote the products and services they already have, what doesn't sell well and how to create information products by researching what people are searching for on the web.)


Tom can handle any question you throw at him. Feel free to improvise if you want, but the above questions do lead people to the logical conclusion that they should be learning Internet techniques.