A three-day spectacular mixture of Internet Marketing, Professional Speaking and Success Principles that took a small town kid and made him a multi-millionaire

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July 31st,  with Tom Antion Click here to listen to the recording

August 7th Removed. We no longer endorse James Malinchak

August 21st  with Jeff Herring & Brendon Burchard Click here to listen to the recording

September 4th with The Blog Squad & Dr. Jeff Hockings Click here to listen to the recording 

September 18th   with Alex Mandossian Click here to listen to the recording 

Hi. I'm Tom Antion                     

Many of you know me as the guy who invented ButtCamp a seminar where you learn to make money sitting on your rear end. Some of you might remember when I broke into the speaking industry as a comic speaker (this was long before the Internet was around).

If you don't know me, I'm a guy who has legitimately made millions of dollars in the speaking business and more specifically selling products and services on the Internet.

Why Fusion?

Lots of people have been asking me what I mean by "Tom Antion Fusion". The answer is that by blending three major areas I've been able to create a fairy tale lifestyle for myself.

1. My public speaking has earned me raving fans and taken me around the world PLUS I get paid for it.

2. My Internet marketing skills have put me in the top 1% of speaker income in the world and I rarely leave my house  . . .which, I might add, is one heck of a house (check out the Great Internet Marketing Retreat Center).

3. The success, leadership and integrity skills I learned from my dad have given me a pristine reputation around the world and opened doors that many people could only imagine.

Can you gain this kind of success without speaking? Absolutely. Many of my students have no desire to fight it out at the airports.

Can you be this successful without the Internet? Absolutely, but God help you because I don't know of too many super successful businesses that don't effectively use the Internet.

Can you be successful with poor integrity? Absolutely and I know lots of big name people who are low life scum bags. If you have poor integrity, stay home because I hate you and want nothing to do with teaching you how to pull in big bucks by screwing over other people.

Any one of these three efforts can make you rich. Blend them all together and you can rule the world....at least your world anyway.

Let's talk about lifestyle

I know a guy who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is the most down to earth guy you ever want to meet. He can buy anything he wants, yet he still watches prices. He pays cash for multimillion dollar homes....but only if they are in foreclosure so he can get the best deal possible. He and his wife cook in most of the time so they can eat healthy and when I was at his house we did the dishes together. He reminds me of my dad who was very successful, but very frugal, since he came to this country with nothing.

On the other hand I know a guy who is worth maybe a couple million, but he has to have the finest of everything including club memberships, cars, boats etc. He really puts on the dog. He's leveraged highly with mortgages and financing. As far as I know he pays his bills, but doesn't have much left over to create real wealth.

I also know plenty of people hardly making it and tons of people in between the two examples above.

The point is if you know and implement what I know, you can pick the lifestyle you want. For me, I like to sit home and work my Internet business and then go play tennis. I speak maybe 5 or 6 times a year to keep me on top of my game and only when there is an enormous amount of money on the table. I'm currently building a school and planning my new and bigger retreat center which will feature it's own runway, helipad, animal sanctuary, indoor tennis courts and all the other things on my wish list.

This is what I want for you....the ability AND the means to get the things you want so they are not just pipe dreams and "law of attraction" nonsense.


This is one of the saddest things I've seen over my long business career. So many loving and good-hearted people want to do good in the world and they are mostly ineffective because they have no money to help their causes.

Sure there is the occasional Mother Theresa that emerges every so often, but for every one of her there are 100,000 people wanting to do good, but they can barely make their car payment.

I say, "Learn how to get rich and then do whatever you want with the money. Give it away if you want to." You'll do lots more good for people and animals (taking care of helpless animals is my main calling in life) if you have money than if you don't.

My proudest and most significant thing I've ever done occurred on stage recently at an event. When I heard of the plight of a certain group of starving children, I couldn't stand by and let it happen. In about 5 minutes I raised over $49,000.00 that I found out would feed 288 starving children for a year. How would you like to have that power?

I raised another $25,000.00 in about an hour for Virginia Bichon Frise rescue and I'm still getting thanked by little helpless souls who got operations and their 4 legged lives saved because of the money I raised.

Click here to watch the video

I've done tons of fundraisers in my career with the totals certainly in the millions of dollars and countless thousands of people and animals are thriving because of what I was able to do.

Again, that's what I want for you. I'm going to teach you how to earn more than you've ever dreamed so you can spend it on the causes you want and still maintain a great lifestyle for yourself.

5% of the net proceeds for this event 
will go to charity

Three Solid Days of Learning

What can you learn from an event like this? I'm going split each day up into three parts. You'll get Internet Marketing in the morning. Professional speaking and success principles in the afternoon.  A little later I'll tell you the kinds of things I'll be covering, but right now I want you to hear about some of the other great teachers at the event.

Not only will you get my 30 years of business experience, I'll be brining in some of the  best-of-the-best presenters to give you additional mini sessions on very specific topics. These are people I personally know and trust so you can be sure you won't get a bunch of worthless information that doesn't work in the real world.

"Tom Antion knows more about e-marketing for speakers than anyone, anywhere."
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE, First woman president of the National Speakers Association

In Addition to My Presentations Check Out My Amazing Lineup of Speakers

This speaker permanently removed:
We no longer endorse James Malinchak


Jeff Herring AKA "The Internet Article Guy"

The Article Marketing Solution - You'll discover the 4 pillars of Article Marketing and how to master them for endless waves of prospects, publicity and profits.

Jeff is an Internet marketer specializing in article marketing, teaching Internet marketers, authors, speakers and self employed professionals to write and market articles for more prospects, publicity and profits, and to create multiple streams of income with their articles.

Jeff's students and clients discover how to write more articles in less time, get their information in front of more eyes in as many consumable forms as possible, create a massive web presence, build a highly qualified and highly responsive list of gold, and create multiple information products to build their information empire with their articles.

When Jeff turned his article marketing expertise on the internet, he created a flood of traffic to his web sites that he could not stop if he wanted to, . . . and he has assured me he doesn’t want to.

Click the play button below to hear what Jeff has to say:

Gloria Starr is not a speaker at this event, but you might want to hear what she has to say. 

"Tom, because of what I learned at ButtCamp I'm now an e-millionaire."
Gloria Starr, Member National Speakers Association

Listen to Gloria tell you in her own words what Tom's training has meant to her.

Brendon Burchard - How to Explode Your Business Through Nonprofit & Corporate Partnerships and Sponsorships

Brendon Burchard is the author of Life’s Golden Ticket from HarperCollins and an in-demand life coach, leadership speaker and business consultant who is revolutionizing the way entrepreneurs do business by teaching them how to partner with nonprofits and major corporations.

By creating and leveraging innovative nonprofit and corporate partnerships, Brendon has sold three major books, quadrupled his speaking engagements, doubled his product sales, launched a million-dollar seminar series, tripled his client database, won corporate sponsorships, and appeared on ABC World News, CBS, NPR, Oprah & Friends and over 65 major radio stations across the country.


His sponsors and promotional partners have included Wachovia, Sony Pictures, Wal-Mart, Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley, Kiwanis, Junior Achievement and other major Fortune 500 companies and global nonprofit organizations. And now he’s going to teach YOU his secret partnership strategies for growing your business and giving back in ways you’ve never even imagined.


Click the play button below to hear what Brendon has to say:



Denise Wakeman & Patsi Krakoff
AKA The Blog Squad

Branding and Blogging: The “New” Success Secret for Attracting More Clients and More Money


If you’ve been working hard at marketing your business and not getting the results you expect (more clients, more speaking gigs, more money), then you may be missing two key pieces to the marketing puzzle:

 Branding AND Blogging

Attention to these two essential pieces can boost your marketing results. When done right, your marketing efforts and investments pay off big time.


Whether you have a small business or you’re a solo professional, you need to know how to blend the traditional (branding) with new marketing (blogging) to take advantage of an unprecedented opportunity to get more visibility, boost your credibility and attract more business. It’s about getting your voice heard above the cacophony of noise on the web so clients can easily find you.

 In Their Session You will learn…

  • Why you need a  blog to support your personal brand
  • How to develop your brand through blogging
  • 4 key elements you must pay attention to in order to get spectacular results 
  • How to leverage your blog for greater exposure on the Web and why it’s critical to your business success
  • 5 branding mistakes most business bloggers make and how you can avoid them

Business blogging experts Patsi Krakoff and Denise Wakeman are The Blog Squad™.  With two decades of business and marketing experience, Patsi and Denise help professionals set up and optimize great business blogs.  They also operate a "blog crisis prevention program" - dedicated to extreme blog makeovers for boring blogs.

Hundreds of professionals have saved time, energy and aggravation using The Blog Squad's services, blogging books and programs to set up their blogs and learn the best blogging practices. Patsi and Denise offer pragmatic, no-nonsense, how-to guidance and are committed to helping you Attract, Sell and Profit by integrating blogs with other online marketing tools such as social media and ecommerce systems.  

Click the play button below to hear what 
Patsi and Denise have to say:


Mike Stewart AKA The Internet Audio Video Guy

The Power of Video Sales Letters and Video Blogging

You will see case studies of many people making money, building relationships and increasing sales with video sales letters.

Mike will also produce a video sales letter right in front of your very eyes.

Another thing Mike will cover is video blogging and what it can do for you. This is completely different stuff than what the Blog Squad will be talking about. In fact, it's complementary so you'll want to make sure you pay careful attention to both of those sessions.

Mike will also have all his hardware and equipment set up at the event so that you can check it out up close and personal.

Mike is also going to show you how to create awesome audio like his recording below:


Alex Mandossian - Teleseminar Secrets: Tested Marketing  Methods to Sell From Your Seat"

If you're a professional speaker, consultant,
coach or small business owner, then you'll be
delighted to discover Alex Mandossian's time tested marketing methods that can rapidly turn your annual income into a monthly income.

You'll find out how Alex has helped over 14,000 independent professionals make 6- and 7-figure incomes utilizing telephones and bridgelines.

During Alex's presentation, you'll learn how to:

  • Uncover the hottest new topics to "repurpose" winning information products from scratch ...

  • Create ultra-responsive online lists WITHOUT the help of Google or Yahoo traffic ...

  • Repeatedly attract high-profile strategic alliance partners without cold-calling ...

  • Capture dozens of heart-felt testimonials from top thought leaders within a few hours

  • Conduct "virtual book tours" to eliminate travel/lodging hassles and expenses ...

  • Develop an additional six figure income with the least amount of human effort possible ...

Alex Mandossian is acknowledged as the world's leading teleseminar interview by top thought leaders such as: Dr. Stephen Covey, Donald Trump, Julie Andrews, Harvey Mackay, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, David Bach, Jack Canfield, Jay Abraham, Barbara DeAngelis and many others.

Alex claims that he can teach any professional speaker (new or veteran) to make an additional hundred thousand dollars a year utilizing his time-proven Teleseminar Secrets.

Click the play button below to hear what Alex has to say:


Dr. Jeff Hockings – How To Become The Celebrity, Expert, Authority In Your Niche By Starring In Your Own 30 Minute TV Show

Positioning yourself as the celebrity, expert, authority in your niche is a very difficult thing to do with traditional marketing. Most of your competitors are doing the same things you are. This makes it easy for you to be perceived as a commodity… which is bad for business.

Jeff is the best I’ve seen at showing people how to create powerful, unique positioning, that separates you from your competition. He will show you how to star in your own, custom, 30 minute TV show, where you are interviewed by a professional host, who asks you questions about your business. 

I am so impressed with what Jeff teaches that I had him help me produce 2 of my own 30 minute TV shows, which I’ve been using very successfully to promote my businesses. He has also helped 2 of our other guest speakers produce their own TV shows – and Patsi Krakoff/Denise Wakeman.

Jeff will show you some of the following little known secrets about TV marketing that have taken him 11 years to master:

  • 7 Powerful Ways To Use Your TV Show To Promote Your Business

  • How To Get A 300% Discount On Cable TV Advertising

  • The #1 Mistake People Make When Taping A TV Show

  • How To Air Your TV Show As Often As You Like For FREE!!

  • 3 Things You Must Do To Create A Powerful Show

  • How To Easily Increase Your Search Engine Ranking

  • The Best Times Of Day And Days Of The Week To Air Your TV Show

And Much More…

Jeff has helped produce over 650 custom thirty minute TV shows the past 10 years for business owners, speakers, authors, Internet marketers, coaches and doctors. He’s going to show you how to create a first class, exciting and effective marketing tool that you’ll be proud to use in all your marketing. Your business will grow much bigger and you’ll earn more income as soon as you start positioning your self as the TV celebrity expert. Don’t miss this powerful presentation.

Watch one of my shows at http://www.KickStartVideos.com that so far has earned me $450,000.00

Click the play button below to hear what Jeff has to say:


Tom Antion - AKA The King of Kaching

Of course I'm going to do the bulk of the speaking at this event. I'll be covering Internet Marketing, Professional Speaking and Success Principles.

You can see the kinds of things you will learn from me at the sections just below.

Don't know me? Click here for my bio.


Fusion I: Internet Marketing

Why do I have the right to teach you this?: I have been selling continuously on the commercial Internet since it's inception around 1994. I have personally sold millions of dollars of products and services on the Internet and I have students that are e-millionaires and many students making 5,10, 20 and 30K per month.

Here are just some of the highlights of what you will learn about selling your goods, services and ideas on the Internet:

9 Different revenue streams you can have on the Internet . . .the Internet is a field where there is truly something for everyone.

How to build true residual income where you don't have to do ANY work once you set it up . . . other people service the customers and you get regular checks (this is not hocus pocus or pie in the sky....If I quit work today and fired all my employees and never did another promotion I would have about 400K a year coming in.

How to make quality products out of nothing . . . you will see numerous examples of fast product creation and you'll know exactly how to do it yourself  before you leave.

Tom, before I invested in your internet marketing products, I went to an SEO workshop and spent a whopping $5000 to learn how to increase traffic to my site, but they did not teach me how to make money!!!! Yikes!  

After listening to your CDs and reading your book for a small investment of about $225, I created books, e-books, DVD, and CDs. This has so far netted me $5000.00 in sales. It only took me 20 hours to produce, minimum cost to upload on your awesome kickstartcart shopping cart, and I am making money. It cost me pennies to put this product together and the ROI is infinity. I started making money my first sale!
Elon Bomani

How to build and/or acquire good looking and money making website for almost nothing . . . many of Tom's high cash flow sites cost less than 50 bucks to create.

All about the real business opportunities of the social networking sites . . . with half a billion people using them this is not just playtime anymore.

Tom's method to get high search engine positioning. . . search engine optimizers HATE Tom. He teaches you how to do this yourself for free.

The little-known supertricks of using short videos to DOMINATE the search engines. . .this same skill will help you learn how to create highly lucrative video products.

"I got my first $15,000 speaking engagement after following the principles I've learned over the years at Tom Antion's Butt Camp. I utilized Tom's program and it absolutely works; it's totally changed the way I think about my internet business.
Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter,
Best-selling author of "Your Performing Edge"

Advanced website selling tips only known by people selling tons on the web . . . the tricks aren't hard, but we'll bet you don't know about them.

Simple website tips from websites that SELL . . .Throw out fancy and expensive sites and create a massive web presence of websites that make money instead of eat money.

And, of course, much, much more

Just one idea I got from Tom made me over $400,000.00 so far.
Rob Dale, Australia

Fusion II: Professional Speaking

Why do I have the right to teach you this?:

  • I've personally done over 2700 paid presentations around the world.

  • I've been asked to train other professional speakers at the prestigious National Speakers Association more than 90 times over the past 17 years.

  • I'm the author of the Best Selling book "Wake 'em Up Business Presentations".

  • I 'm the publisher of the best selling professional speaking course ever the "Wake 'em Up Video Professional Speaking System".

  • I have the largest ezine in the world with regard to public speaking with over 90,000 subscribers in 80 countries

  • I have the longest running blog on public speaking

  • I have the largest public speaking membership site in the world that sports over 280 public and professional speaking training videos. http://www.AmazingPublicSpeaking.com 

  • I'm normally the highest rated speaker wherever I speak and I usually sell more at the back of the room than anyone else (see speaking income videos below).

  • If that's not enough, I'm the one who was asked by MSNBC to critique president Bush on his presentation skills during his speech to Congress.


Tom and Mark Victor Hansen of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" fame horsing around at Mark's "MEGA BOOK MARKETING" convention. Why is Mark so happy? Tom just made him a fortune by speaking at his event.

Here are just some of the highlights of what you will learn about the business of making big money speaking: 

Tom when he was thinner.

How to become a product machine . . .The late Dottie Walters (affectionately known as the Grandmother to professional speaking) told me to become a product machine when I did my first consultation with her in 1991....Boy was she right. It's meant a ton to my speaking career and it will to yours too!

How to self-publish your book for FREE . . .self-publishing a book is where the big money is (with books) and it allows you to make deals you couldn't possibly make with a traditionally published book. 

How to use products to beat out your speaking competition . . .you'll learn how including products with your proposals will land you many more speaking engagements and you'll get a higher fee too!

How to make your topic more salable . . .in this tough economy you have to be careful how you present your topic or you'll get turned down immediately. I'll tell you how to make whatever you have sell like crazy.

Tom's top ten ways to make money speaking. . . There are many more ways to make money with your speaking other than getting a check from a company. You'll see all of them at this event.

"Las Vegas, the community of the future was built on excitement. To help people in your community or organization create dreams and visions of a better tomorrow you must be able to instill the same kind of excitement in them. Tom teaches you the art AND science of doing just that. His tips have helped me enormously."
John O'Reilly, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Greater Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce

How to run a super lucrative mentor / coaching program . . . This is where the BIG big money is and if you play your cards right you can make millions helping others learn what you know. Tom will reveal all the secrets of running a successful program the way you want to run it.

How to pre-sell products . . . so you don't have to schlep them with you or sell from the platform. Learn all the tricks of keeping your products in front of the buyers before AND after the event.

Learn how to sell where you aren't allowed to sell . . .Tom has the slickest techniques for selling in front of crowds where the organizers forbid selling . . . and the best part is that nobody gets mad about it.

How to sell a ton at the back of the room AND How your handout materials and visuals can triple your back of the room sales. You won't find this proprietary information anywhere else.

Tom's materials will cut five years off a speakers learning curve
Cavett Robert, Founder National Speakers Association

Back of the Room Sales Videos
(Click on the spreadsheets below)

Click either of the spreadsheets below to watch videos about how much money you can make by selling at the back of the room. Note: After you click on the Part 2 spreadsheet you will be required to click the play button at the bottom of the video.

Tom Antion's information is the best I've ever seen in any seminar since I started my business in 1977. He is changing the way we do business.
Bill Brooks CSP, CPAE

Here are some of the highlights of what you will learn about being great on stage: 

11 Involvement techniques. . . the time will fly by so fast your audiences will be begging for more


Tom's top ten ways to be great on stage . . . if you want raving fans of how great you are as a speaker, you must know how to perform and implement these ten strategies.


Best seating methods . . .I did 1500 presentation before I learned this from Dr. Paul Radde a seating expert. Some of the material I had been using for years got three times the response just because of the way people were seated.

My best trick ever to eliminate hecklers BEFORE they start to heckle . . . I call this my "*asterisk" technique and I'll have to kill ya if you tell anyone about it hahaha


Tom teaches us how to get our message across, do it with humor, and keep the audience awake all at the same time.
Gene Perrett, Author and head comedy writer for Bob Hope


Fantastic props and prop handling techniques. . . small nuances can mean big impact when you learn to use props effectively.


How to use hypnotic emotional language to force people to action. . . you'll see exact examples of how certain words can stimulate action in your audience members. This isn't hocus pocus or some kind of cult mind control...just simple word choice to paint pictures in the audience's mind. . . . ANYONE CAN DO THIS!

Dealing with International audiences. . . You DO NOT want to stick your foot in your mouth when speaking out of the USA and ruin the entire trip because you don't know how to act in front of diverse audiences. 

4 Ways to Bombproof your presentation . . . Whether you're using humor or just trying to get your point across there are methods to ensure that what you say is EXACTLY right for a particular audience. I'll teach them to you during the weekend.

Tom has spoken in 12 countries, but he never gets too far from his laptop hahaha. You must know how to prepare for International audiences. Tom will show you how.

10 Story telling tips . . .just one of them could double the interest level and memorability of your stories.


Opening and Closing formulas . . . all you have to do is fill in the blanks



"When I recruited Tom to play for West Virginia University in the early 70's, he was an exciting high school football player. It doesn't surprise me that he's turned into such an exciting professional speaker. His ideas teach you how to create excitement when you speak to any size group. I use some of his tips in my own speaking engagements."
Bobby Bowden, Head Football Coach, Florida State University

How to be funny on stage . . . and you can be sure Tom knows how to do it.

Here's Tom having a blast on stage with a good sport participant. The audience was literally rolling in the aisles.

AND much, much more

"At Hawaiian Tropic we believe that fun and excitement keep our corporate staff and distributors productive. Tom can teach you how to create this excitement every time you address a group."
Ron Rice, Owner and Founder Hawaiian Tropic/Tanning Research Labs, Inc.

Fusion III: Success and Leadership Principles of Sam Antion (Tom's Dad)

Why do I have the right to teach you this?: Starting as a crawling baby (see picture and caption below) I had the best training in the world on Success and Leadership. My dad taught me ten leadership skills that I've used my entire life to "make my own breaks" and succeed where others failed. I'm going to teach you these same principles so you can use them and also pass them on to the people who are important in your life. Note: I am not a natural at anything . . . except maybe overeating :) The only way I made it in life was because I fought it out every step of the way and I used the principles below to:

  • Have successful businesses starting around age 9 (I sold my first used car at 15 years old before I even had a driver's license)

  • Become an all state wrestler in Pennsylvania which was a very tough wrestling state

  • Become an all state football player and go to a major college on a full scholarship.

  • Become valedictorian of my class

  • Own five apartment buildings and a hotel BEFORE I graduated from college (and no I didn't have my dad fund everything for me like Donald Trump)

  • Build the second largest nightclub in my state.

  • Become the only independent pageant producer in the world for Hawaiian Tropic

  • Survive two gunfights and a knifefight at the nightclub

  • Survive a devastating $400,000.00 business loss when the drinking age went from 18-21 years of age.

  • Start a wildly successful entertainment company (like Candid Camera) when I was injured, broke and living on a mattress in a vacant house.

  • Start a wildly successful speaking, consulting and Internet marketing business

When Tom was a baby his dad, Sam Antion, would pile pillows in front of him and put his toys on the other side to teach him to overcome obstacles.

Here are some of the highlights of the success principles you will learn:  

NOTE: The information in this section of the event can be used by you, . . . but more importantly it should be passed on to people that look up to you, . . . like your children, nieces, nephews, co-workers or employees.

What giving 110 percent really means in the real world and how it can help you   . . . and maybe even save your life. It did for Tom.

How a little bit of study can make and save you a fortune . . . you don't have to be as fanatic as my Dad who after he retired sat down and read he ENTIRE WORLD BOOK ENCYLOPEDIA.

How NOT to delegate yourself into the poorhouse . . .I won't let you do this. You'll learn when to delegate and when to do it yourself.

How to get yourself into a position of self-reliance . . . you'll never be dependent on other people for your success ever again.

How giving before you get really works . . . I'll give you specific examples of how to make your own breaks.

How to make people want to do business with you . . .there are only a few personality traits you need to exhibit to become a magnet to other people.

How to overcome obstacles and love failure . . .these are some of the best lessons my Dad taught me and I'm thrilled to be able to pass them on to you.

Tom gave me one little idea as we spoke in the hallway of a conference in Thailand. I implemented it and have already made thousands of dollars. I'm crossing my fingers because the same idea has a five figure deal now pending.
Tim Gard, CSP

Comprehensive Handout Material

Each participant will get a binder with comprehensive handout material from the event and it's a great place to store all your notes . . . and I assure you that you will have a ton of them.

Act Fast and You'll Get the Following Bonuses:  

BONUS 1: "How to Operate a Retreat Center out of Your Home" DVD ($197.00 Value). This DVD cannot be found anywhere else. It shows you exactly how to operate a high-end mentor program using your home as part of the attraction of being in the program. This DVD teaches you how to buy a much bigger estate home than you normally could afford and let other people pay for it.

BONUS 2: "Wake 'em Up: How to Use Humor and Other Professional Techniques to Create Alarmingly Good Business Presentations" 300 page softcover book ($24.95 Value)


  • Over 1000 advanced speaking tips and techniques

  • Pre-Program Questionnaire . . . Adapt it or use it as is

  • Comprehensive International Section . . .Don't panic when you face a foreign audience

  • Professional Level Introductions . . .Advanced template. You fill in the blanks.

  • Instantly usable speaker material . . .Some lines just never get old.

  • Speaking formulas. . . Why beat your head against the wall to develop material? Just fill in the blanks.

  • Tons of professional level delivery tips . . . and I mean TONS! More than any other presentation skills book anywhere. I guarantee it.

  • Complete description at: http://www.antion.com/wakebook.htm


BONUS 3: "Click: The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Marketing for Speakers" Version 3, 815 Page Ebook ($97.00 Value)


  • How Speakers, Authors, Coaches and Consultants Make Money on the Internet . . .FOR REAL

  • Your one-stop guide for selling products, services, and speaking engagements on the Internet

  • Over 700 Links to websites you need to know about

  • This is an A-Z guide thoroughly covering all aspects of Websites, email marketing, e-commerce and product production for speakers. 

  • Full description at http://www.antion.com/click.htm

BONUS 4: "How to be a KickButt Publicity Hound" 364 Page Ebook with Joan Stewart and Tom Antion ($97.00 value) This is the complete story and technique on how Tom has been featured on every major broadcast network in the world. You'll also get all the details of attacking print media too. Full description at http://www.antion.com/publicityhound.htm 

BONUS 5: "How to Sell a Ton at the Back of the Room" Two CD set (Priceless)


You will learn:
  • The psychological process you must employ to get people to want to buy your stuff. -- You must push their emotional buttons to get the to pull their wallets out.

  • The exclusive isolation technique for big ticket sales -- this one can triple your money total for the day in 15 minutes.

  • How to create a "table rush" -- There are techniques to making people RUN to buy your stuff -- anyone can do this.

  • How to build your own credibility through the back door -- Do it right and people will be afraid to buy stuff from anyone but you.

  • A professional trick of the trade to have other speakers on the program talking about you -- your credibility (and sales)
    will skyrocket when you use this technique.

And like any Tom Antion recorded teleclass, you'll learn much, much more


Tentative Schedule for the Weekend
(subject to change without notice)

Friday, October 17th
7:00 - 8:00 Registration
7:45 Doors Open
8:00 - Noon Morning Sessions
Noon - 1:15 Lunch
1:30 - 7:00 Afternoon Sessions
7:30- 9:00 VIP Reception
Saturday, October 18th
7:45 Doors Open
8:00 - Noon Morning Sessions
Noon - 1:15 Lunch
1:30 - 7:15 Afternoon Sessions
7:30 VIP Dinner
Sunday, October 19th
7:45 Doors Open
8:00 - 12:15 Morning Sessions
12:15 -1:15 Lunch
1:30 - 3:00 Afternoon Sessions
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What's the bottom line? AKA Registration Info


For many years I've been allowing paid participants to bring a teenager for free to all my events. Why should I stop now? So, if you are a paid registrant to the event, in addition to your friend you may bring a teenager with you for FREE. I do this to give our youth a jumpstart and so that you will have a young person on your team to help you with the Internet stuff if you need it. YOU MUST REGISTER THE NAME OF THE TEEN ATTENDING WITH YOU AND THEY MUST BE A TEENAGER - ID WILL BE CHECKED. Simply put their name, age and contact info in the "Comments / Special Instructions" section when you check out.

If you are a current, and "in good standing" member of  my mentee / joint venture program you come for free (see below)

If you are a ButtCamp graduate you get a special deal (see below)

The final cost of this spectacular seminar is $2497.00. The pre-registration price is $1997.00 

Bring a friend

PLUS I'm going to even go one better. Pre-Register and bring a friend or colleague with you. You can just register them and bring them with you OR you can make them pay you back for your registration so both of you come for half price. Note: One person will pay and be the official "registrant" and either name the friend at the time of the purchase, or email the name to us later. Also, note. If you are the one paying us as the official "registrant" and splitting the fee with someone else, make sure you trust the person to pay you. We will not get involved in any disputes.

Pre-Registration Price until October 16th $1997 (Pay all at once so Tom doesn't have to fool around with the accounting and get a 30 minute consultation valued at $500.00) Click here to register.

Make 3 payments of $665.66 and the last one won't even be due until after the seminar. Click here to register for the 3 payment deal.

At the door registration price is $2497.00

VIP Add-On Package

Anyone attending can add on a special VIP package which includes:

  • Friday night 6:30 - 8:00 networking reception and photo session with Tom

  • Saturday night VIP Dinner

  • Reserved seating for the entire three days

  • Complete audio recordings of the event 

This will be offered to you when you register for only $195.00 per person (the recordings alone are worth far more than this)

If you have already registered and would like to add additional VIP packages click here

ButtCamp Graduates get a special deal

ButtCamp graduates come to all regular ButtCamps for free and I will continue doing ButtCamps. THIS IS A DIFFERENT DEAL (SEE PARAGRAPH BELOW)

Legitimate ButtCamp Graduates get $500.00 off the lowest advertised price that is currently in effect (If you are wondering if you are a legitimate Graduate, you are if you paid for and attended a live ButtCamp, or you participated in the recording of the 2008 ButtCamp 15 hour Teleclass).  Note: only one $500.00 discount per graduate and you cannot combine two grads. You must register separately. You can still bring a friend or colleague with you and of course you can bring one teen (registered in advance and with ID)  with you for FREE.

ButtCamp Graduates - Your current pre-regitration price until October 16th is $1497 (Pay all at once so Tom doesn't have to full around with the accounting and get a 30 minute consultation valued at $500.00) Click here to register as a ButtCamp graduate 

ButtCamp Graduates- Make 3 payments of $499.00 and the last one won't even be due until after the seminar. Click here to register for the 3 payment deal.

At the door ButtCamp grads will be $1997.00

Tom's Mentees in good standing come for FREE

You must register and your registration is for you only. Check below to see if you qualify as a "mentee in good standing" before you register.

What is a mentee in good standing? Answer: Someone who has joined within the past 12 months and hasn't been kicked out of the program. Someone who has been in longer than 12 months and has paid more than $2500.00 in commission. Someone who renewed for a second 12 month period and paid their renewal fee. There are no exceptions to this rule. We expect a packed house and can only accommodate serious people. Click here to register as a mentee in good standing.

If you were thinking about joining the joint venture / mentor program now would be a good time because you get this seminar for FREE http://www.GreatInternetMarketingTraining.com 

When and Where

October 17-19, 2008 Westin Los Angeles only minutes from LAX 

Westin LAX
5400 West Century Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90045
United States




Book your rooms now and ask for the "Tom Antion Group Room Block" Note: when you click on the link below the Westin website allows you to book this same special rate from Oct 13-October 25th. The event is Friday, Saturday and Sunday Oct 17-19.

Reserve your rooms right away. NOTE: OUR ROOM BLOCK SOLD OUT, BUT WE CAN STILL GET YOU THE DEAL. You will have to email the following info to our meeting planner Audrey Hagen audrey@audreyhagen.com  She will get it done for you.

Send her:

  • Your name

  • The name of anyone staying in the room with you

  • King or 2 double beds

  • Smoking or Non Smoking

  • Date of Arrival

  • Date of Departure

A hotel representative will get back in touch with you to confirm your reservation.


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