FINALLY Tom Antion's Electronic Marketing BUTT Camp comes to you on tape.

"Learn to sell your knowledge, products and services while sitting at home on your rear end."

The BUTT Camp Audio Album

Six hours of the best internet marketing techniques by the man who wrote the book on Electronic Marketing for Speakers . . . and authors . . . and coaches . . . and consultants. (recorded live during the first ever Butt Camp TeleSeminar)

If you want to learn how to market and sell products and services while sitting on your rear end at home, Tom's new audio album will give you the tools you need to make it happen.

Tom is no techie, but he has discovered the way to use his computer to keep money and speaking engagements rolling in while he sits at home with his feet up.

"Best seminar I've been to in 20 years. I'm changing the way I do business because of it."
Bill Brooks, CSP, CPAE

"Tom Antion knows more about e-marketing for speakers than anyone, anywhere."
Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE



  • The simple techniques Tom used to get massive amounts of traffic from Yahoo! and how he used the same techniques to get "Best of the Web" status from Inc. Magazine
  • Proper page design to give your site the greatest chance of ranking high in the search engines.
  • How to keep from pouring your money down a black hole. Most designers don't have a clue about getting high rankings.
  • Secrets of key word placement and choice that only the pro marketers know
  • Search engine strategies to push your site to the top.
  • A guaranteed way to reach the top of 87 different search engines.
  • Link trade strategies that are stable and low maintenance.
  • Low cost / no cost off line strategies to push people to your site.
  • Advanced website sales process. Tom paid $640.00 per hour for consultations to learn this info.
  • Advanced speed and optimization techniques you need to know about.
  • Why you should fire your designer and hire a marketer (or do it yourself)
  • How to reduce the amount of press kits you send out by 75% which saves you a ton of money.
  • Cool add ons that make your customers come back again and again.

EZINES (aka Electronic Newsletters / Magazines)

This is where the money is!!!

  • 4 Key ways to make money with a FREE Electronic Magazine (Ezine).
  • 2 Ways to easily manage your email addresses.
  • How to get 300 subscribers in the first day.
  • How to use an Ezine / Website one two punch for fun and profit.
  • Where to safely buy subscribers to build your list FAST
  • How to keep from being called a spammer.
  • How to become "the expert" in your topic in one easy lesson.

***** You will have your own Ezine before you leave the seminar


TELESEMINARS -- Sell your knowledge WITHOUT traveling.

  • How Tom made in excess of $12,000.00 in the first month doing TeleSeminars and most recently how he made $18,000.00 in two days.
  • What "distance education" is all about and how you can use it to make money while lounging around the house.
  • How to record, duplicate and package your TeleSeminars to get virtually instant new products . . Tom has 17 new high content educational audiotapes which sell for higher than average prices. . . .AND every TeleSeminar will add to Tom's product list.
  • How to consistently packs the "virtual room" with participants.
  • How to sell full fee TeleSeminars and still save your client a ton of money.
  • How to sell subscription seminars.
  • How you can throw a worldwide public seminar for less than $20.00
  • How to learn the telephone bridge technology (it is easy) and how to keep control of your attendees.
  • What simple (and inexpensive) things you need to get started.
  • Why this sounds so easy . . . Because it is. Tom learned how to do this and two days later was making money.


  • How to have your book distributed tomorrow electronically.
  • Where to get 70% royalties for anything your write. . . .You don't even need a website, shopping cart or merchant account to do this.
  • 2 Ways to self publish for FREE . . . No more printing costs
  • Discover the pros and cons of different Electronic formats. . . . Learn how to make it easy for your customers to access your info.
  • How to turn all your past writing into monthly checks. . . .Revive what you've already written so you have no development cost in either time or money.
  • How to triple or quadruple the profits from your work. . . . Your new work model will be 1. Work. 2. Get paid, and paid, and paid again.
  • Find out where to have your first ten books converted to E-format for FREE . . .Try this stuff out with little or no investment.


  • How to make a really professional looking menu for your CD . . .Your products will look like they came from big software companies.
  • How to make it start automatically, just like the ones you get from Computer USA.
  • How to put your own training videos on CD for FREE . . .Tom made a fortune with this one technique and you can too.
  • How to package and label your CDs for pennies . . .  You'll get all the best and cheapest sources Tom uses (and he's tried them all).


  • How to Turn on a FLOOD of new prospects AND make passive money with your website.  . . . Learn the tricks of getting money out of visitors to your website after they have decided to leave without hiring you.
  • How to use your website to sell other people's products with no ongoing work on your part.. . .Make big commissions . . . not little dinky ones . . . by selling other people's stuff on your website with ZERO investment.
  • How to double or triple your sales with no advertising expense . . . and do it from home.
  • How to set up your own associate / affiliate program and get hundreds of other associates selling your products and services. 
  • How to use associate programs to increase your link popularity so the search engines will love you.


It doesn't matter whether you have a MAC or a PC. You'll be able to use this comprehensive 35 page downloadable handout to check out all the sites Tom uses as examples during the seminar.
This is an expanded electronic version of the paper version that over 500 Butt Camp graduates have received. It has over 100 hotlinks you'll be able to access while online and/or you can print it out and take notes during the seminar.

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Tom has spent thousands of hours developing this material and boiling it down so you can use it immediately. REMEMBER--Tom is no techie. He's a speaker and business person using technology to bring in the bucks with EXTREMELY LOW OVERHEAD.

If you hired Tom to cover all the points in this album in a speech it would cost you $9500.00. If you hired him as a consultant to give you these techniques, it would take between 8 and 12 hours and cost you $3000.00 to $5000.00. This album covers 95% of what you would get in a personal consultation for only a small fraction of what it would cost to talk to Tom in person. You save thousands of dollars while getting a credible Internet Marketing education that could make you millions. PLUS, you can repeat each tape to extract every little nugget of Tom's high content presentation. Not only that, there are notes, web addresses, resources, free stuff, and lots more.    


Bonus # 1-- Free E-book
You'll get Tom's E-book How to Pick a Shopping Cart System that Makes you Money This break through book will give you a complete checklist of criteria on picking a shopping cart system for your website. If you already have a shopping cart, the book will help you evaluate the features you must add to make it work for you while you're sleeping.

Bonus # 2 -- Free Consultation
NOTE: We tried to talk Tom out of this, but he's crazy and wouldn't let us. It's hard to get on Tom's schedule, but your investment in this first ever Butt Camp on Tape program will get you a FREE half hour consultation with Tom (a $250.00 value). Tom has helped hundreds of speakers, authors, consultants and coaches really make their electronic marketing efforts kick into gear. He has many examples of people who have made thousands of dollars the first week after taking his training. His Internet marketing advice is shared in many major periodicals around the world. One of Tom's really cheap websites just got Best-of-the-Web- in Inc. Magazine. Tom will work exclusively on your situation because he wants you to succeed. His vast experience will allow him to get you started in the right direction quickly.

Extra Special Bonus # 3 -- Discount admission
When you are ready to attend a live Butt Camp you'll  be credited $100.00 towards your live seminar tuition. (Don't forget . . . once you attend a live Butt Camp Seminar you attend all other regular Butt Camps for free for life!

100% One Year Moneyback Guarantee

If you are not 100 percent convinced and satisfied that Tom's knowledge and experience can help you, simply return the tapes for a complete and no hassle refund. You'll also keep bonuses 1 & 3 just for giving it a try.

Your entire tuition for the six hours of of audio instruction, and all the bonuses The extensive handout . . . The Shopping Cart System E-book,  . . . and the unbelievable half hour phone consultation with Tom Antion, one of the top Internet Marketers and speakers in the country, is only $197.00 which is only a fraction of what people pay to attend the live seminar. Plus you won't have any hotel, airfare, meals or any other costs to get to Butt Camp. 

Order Now! Tom can only do so many consultations before he'll have to withdraw this part of the offer.

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