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Audio Visual Requirements
Tom Antion

757-431-1366, 301-346-7403


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  • Six foot skirted banquet table center stage

  • Hand Held wireless microphone

  • Must have ability for Tom to run his own laptop from the banquet table.

  • LED projector(s) appropriate for room size

  • Must have largest screen(s) possible for room

  • Must have audio feed from laptop. Laptop has miniplug as output. Long cable runs to the stage must be checked for audio hum.

  • Semi Circular Theatre style is the preferred seating method, but Tom will work with your plan. Try to avoid round tables if at all possible.

  • Note: Don't forget when there are product sales involved, after Tom's presentation, he needs a separate room to take interested audience members to for presentation of his mentor program. Discuss the details of this with Tom before booking him for your event.


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