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"How to Become a
Highly Paid Expert"

Tom Antion &
Debbie Allen

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Sunday, October 5th, 2014  9:00 PM Eastern Time USA

Note: you can call in or listen on the web

This is a preview teleclass for Debbie's Upcoming Seminar "Build Your Expertise".

I've known Debbie Allen, AKA "The Expert of Experts" for over 20 Years. She's a best selling author, motivational film star, and she's an award winning entrepreneur who's helped other entrepreneurs in 28 countries.

Attendees will learn:

=> How to turn your passion into a lucrative career.

=> What's really going on in the expert industry.

=> How to make yourself into the "go to" expert people will pay to talk to.

=> What the levels of experts are and how to move yourself to the top.

=> The first steps to either start or reinvent an established expert business.

=> How to dominate your market.

=> 9 Streams of income so you can sell your knowledge in manydifferent ways.

And like all my events, you'll get much, much more!

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    Debbie and I will talk to you TONIGHT! 9:00 pm Eastern

    Tom Antion
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