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Tom Antion &
Patricia Drain


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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015  8:00 PM Eastern Time USA

Note: you can call in or listen on the web

This is a preview teleclass for Patricia's Upcoming Seminar "Products, Programs and Passive Income".

I'm thrilled to have Patricia Drain back on with me. She's
a prolific woman and seminar promoter who I've known for many

The Phoenix Business Journal voted Patricia one of the
"100 Most Influential People in Arizona" and she won the "Woman
Business owner of the Year" award presented by the National
Association of Women Business Owners.

I'll tell you more about her on the call, but I will tell you now
that her exclusive mentor programs and LIVE events are life
changing for business professionals, speakers, and experts.

Attendees on the call/webcast will learn:

=> 5 steps for putting together a salable program

=> 3 important questions you need to ask yourself before creating a product

=> The #1 secret to know about products and programs

=> How to discover your target for your product

=> That not doing "one simple thing" will keep you from moving ahead.

And like all my events, you'll get much, much more!

Register now for the teleclass/webcast:

Patricia and I will talk to you tomorrow 8:00 pm Eastern

Tom Antion
Register Just above.